Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Day Off

Today my classes were canceled and I didn't have rehearsal.  My only real obligation was to go do my radio show from 4-7.
It was a great day.  I decided to just relax.  To take a much needed break from the world.  I slept until noon, then stayed in bed reading until my show at 4.  At the radio show, I accomplished a lot and felt good about my air time.  I came home, cleaned my room, did my laundry, finished my book and am now writing a blog.  It was a good day to just get away from it all.  Could I have done more useful, productive things like homework or my taxes?  Yes, and maybe later I'll regret not doing them.  But for now, I am really glad I just got to chill today.
One thing that I envy of other couples is (this is dumb, I know) is the public declarations of love via facebook or blogs or whatever else.  I always thought, why can't he just tell the world he loves me,  the way I want to do for him?  It's bugged me for... probably forever.  I'd look at my friend's profile pages, with some in long lasting relationships and some in flavor of the week relationships and it seemed they all had various declarations strewn on their pages.  
Today, I got a new friend on facebook.  I knew her in high school and didn't like her then.  Anyway, I was looking at her page, and I guess she's been dating a guy online for 6 months.  (Now I'm not bashing on online relationships, I have a good friend that met her husband online.)  These two have never met, have only "known" each other 6 months, and plan on getting married.  Now, I don't know their situation, and maybe I shouldn't judge.  But I think it's ridiculous for this little high school girl to be declaring her intentions for marriage to this little boy across the country, and he to her.  Like a car wreck, I couldn't look away from their signs of "devotion" and gross "commitment" that littered their facebook pages.  "Your the reason I wake up in the morning, and your what I dream about each night. You make my life a fairytale, and I thank God every day for letting me find you."  Are you serious??  GIVE ME A BREAK!!!  Do I sound like that when I talk about my boyfriend????  I sure hope not.  One thing is for sure, I don't publish notes like that on facebook.  If you want to be cheesy and fake, do it on your own time.  And then I thought, well, 1 I don't have to read it (once again with the car wreck situation though) and 2 Is that exactly what I was wishing my boyfriend (hence forth known as A.) to do?  Did A. think what I wanted was as revolting and childish as what I saw that the girl do?  I sure hope not.
Then I continued to think.  A. and I talk a lot via IM (due to the separation of college).  If he's in a gushy lovey mood he does it there, because the cute "I love you's" are for me.  Not for the facebook world.  Anyone that knows us, knows that we are in love, and its not really necessary (or his style) to broadcast it to the world.  That may be more my style.  A thing to careful of, however, is to not come off as the girl did to the world.  If she wants to come off like that, that's her prerogative.  But me?  No thanks.  I'll take a different route.  And for A. , well, he can show me he loves me in his own way.

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