Monday, March 1, 2010

A Fantastic Weekend Followed by an Okay Day

I had a fantastic weekend.  I got to spend a great time with my boyfriend.  Spending time with him makes it so hard to come back to college.  I don't know what it was, whether something I ate, or the old Mt Dew I found in my car, or the sadness about coming back, but I got sick to my stomach when I had only been home a half hour or so.
Coming back to college isn't as bad as it used to be.  Randomly, my roommates and their friends started to become my friends.  Now, for the one of the first times in my life, I have close friends who aren't in theatre.  Its kind of nice.  
Today on the way home I memorized my lines.  I'm excited for that to be done, but nervous that I'll get them wrong at rehearsal tonight.  My director makes me pretty nervous; and if I try to do it with out my script and fail, I really hope I don't get yelled at. :P  
This weekend I also got a new phone.  I really really like it.  It's free after the rebate, but until the rebate comes through I have to be really careful with my spending.
Earlier this year, I got in a car accident, and spent about 500$ over my budget for a new car.  I didn't realize getting a car ready to drive would cost so much.  Because of this, I am struggling financially.  (My old phone broke, I wasn't just buying one because I wanted it)  It's a nice view into being an adult.  The few bills I  have, still come, even though I don't want them to.

I did remember my lines, and for once, did an okay at being sexy too.  (My character runs a brothel, and is a lovely lady herself).  
Sad thing, I walked past a bunch of people True Eagle-ing (you kiss over our college rock, Gibby to become a CEU True Eagle).  I was sad that my honey wasn't there to True Eagle with me, when everyone else from the cast was going.  But that's okay, my long distance relationship is worth the things that I miss out on, like stupid little public kisses to True Eagle (oh and T shirts that come with it).  But that's okay.  Because we get to build up our relationship in a different way than we have for two years.  (nearly 2-1/2 years!!)  
Time to do homework, it never ends.

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