Thursday, March 11, 2010

Life Update

It's been a while since I have written, and I have a few minutes to spare right now.
Still keeping strong with not talking to my Bio Mom.  It's hard, since she has been in the hospital and she fractured 2 vertebrae.  But this something I need to do not only for me, but for her.  So I'll keep it up.
A. left on a business trip this morning for a week, so I went up to his house to see him.  It's funny how driving 3 hours total was totally worth seeing him for 3 hours.  It had been a while since I'd seen him, so it was nice to be able to be together.  He is going to be on this trip for most of my spring break.  My family is going to be in school all day, and my best friend is going to be moving her (soon to be) husband from MN to here.  I'm really excited for them to FINALLY be together.  They deserve it, and they have been apart for so long.

Oh this morning I got pulled over for going way too fast.  The cop was awesome and let me go saying "hurry to class"  without a ticket.  YAY!  I really can not afford a ticket right now.
So this spring break I get to make my bride's maid dress for her wedding in May.  I'm so excited for her, and I wish there were more things for me to help out with, with the wedding.  I really really love weddings.  (and I have wedding envy to the max.)  Hopefully over spring break I can get a lot of homework done and do some resting to get well.
Good news and bad news now!  The play Measure for Measure is canceled.  We had some departmental problems.  So... my schedule has cleared up quite a bit.  I think I feel the worst for the female lead.  She really really wanted this part.  And now its gone for something she didn't do.
Anyway, good news, my co-host of my radio show, the Midweek Musical Madness, and I are going to the State Radio Competition!  We weren't going to be able to go because we were both in the play, but now that it is canceled, we can!  Yay!  We're going to have to go crazy trying to get ready for it in time, but it will be a blast!
Lately I have been working with a radio friend on raising money for our station (89.9 the edge) to go from broadcasting at 1/4th a watt to 6,000, which will help us broadcast to more than just the college.  We have already got 65,000 of the money needed but needed 35,000 more.  This week I got the army to sign (still pending but pretty sure) an $11,000 5 year contract with us.  Plus a $1000 donation for a booth at our Battle of the Bands.  I'm very excited.  Also, from individual businesses we've raised...$500, I think.  Which is awesome.  I really hope we can raise the money in time.  Speaking of which, anyone interested in giving a donation, and in return we'll give you a spot on the radio?  100$ starting price.
Over Spring Break I'm going to  be here at college because every one is going to be unavailable.  I'm going to make my bridesmaid dress for my friend's wedding and get a butt load of homework done.  It'll be great.
Anyway, I need to go to a meeting with the Cold Stone Creamery people to get some money out of them.  Have a nice Day!

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