Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hued Thoughts

In my Lighting Class we had an assignment to light a model to a poem.  So I wrote a poem.

Hued Thoughts

In my head swirls a dull blue
Thoughts of you tend to harshen that hue
Pictures of us come to mind
I see it now, that with you, I was color blind
Now deep colors penetrate like a blade
Tinted and shadowed with the hurt you paid
Remembering the times we stood by the sea
Blue and green, does it bring you near or take you from me
I imagine the moment you turned away
Confrontation and lies, paint the virulent grey
My thoughts and words only continue the pain
Painting the landscape of our lives, drenched in rain
No yellow, for there is no ray of hope, no bless-ed sun
I continue to think of the colors when I know I should run
The palette of bitterness still shines wet
Showing the wounds, that aren't scars yet
Past Friendship painted is a peculiar shade
Bright stains of scarlet, and sick tones of jade
As I continue to think of the raw colors I see
I let the hurt linger, and refuse to be free
The honesty of the situation comes clear
Realization is concluded with only a tear
Its not the colors that are there, but which ones it has to lack
Our friendship is no longer colored, in the end, it's only a hopeless black

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