Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Thoughts on Friends

You know what's oddly interesting?
For the first 4 months I was at college I made no friends because I was so homesick for my friends back home. Specifically two of them. Now one of them isn't my friend and the other has been reduced to a mere acquaintance. Then the next 4 months, I decided to make friends at college, and epically failed on all counts but one. I wonder what that says about me? Am I too much of a bitch, or is it others fault for just not accepting me for the blunt person I am? Anyway, back to the whining, In the Jan-May semester, I made two new friends at home that were very close, so I was pining for them whilst failing at making friends at college (all but my roommates who I finally became friends with and that one other). I come home for the summer and both of my new close friends move, one to Minnesota and one to Washington. Now I am working on rekindling old friendships with my friends who got married or graduated and kind of disappeared off the face of the earth. But it's tough work since they have new lives.
I don't know what I was trying to say by posting this. Probably just feeling sorry for myself because I have to try so hard to get people to want to be around me. I am scared for the new school year, because I don't want to go back to where people are so falsely cheerful to my face, and then when they have an opportunity tell me that I am a bitchy know-it-all. I guess I feel like I am a really loyal, loving, giving friend, and I don't see why its so hard for me to find people that I can have relationships with...this blog sucks, I'm sorry...

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  1. Just going to through this out there.

    People don't go looking for other people very often (unless they are looking for the opposite sex and are on the prowl).

    I have found the best way to make friends is to be a doer. By doing things I find people that have similar interests and passion about what we are doing and what we have in common creates a new friendship.

    I think very rarely do people just meet a person and decide friend or no friend (unless they are super shallow).

    Also, I believe that each of us have a Photon Canon of energy and if we are aiming it at other people then it can be smothering and/or push them away.

    So instead of aiming it at a person ("wont you be my friend"), aim it at life, hobby, music, art, etc. All of these things are were people are and as you both aim your photon canons at these things it can bring you together with out shooting the ship out of them with your canon :)