Friday, October 29, 2010

Church Group

Can I just say how epically awesome it is to have friends at college this year?  How did I even get through last year without these people?
We have this group who meets up randomly to hang out.  We call it the "Church Group", which is totally funny I think, since we all have drastically different beliefs, and the majority of our discussions aren't about our beliefs (or lack of belief) in God.  I really feel like this is the most healthy group of friendships I have ever had...and I have no idea why I am so lucky to have broken into this group of people's lives.  I have a few good friends back home who I have healthy relationships with, but never have I been part of a "group" that had such a lack of back biting, competition, negativity, and antagonism.  These people are so loving, supportive, honest and open.  When I am around them, I don't feel all alone in Price anymore.  I feel happy, uplifted, valued, confident and beautiful.  Thanks Church Group.

 This is two of the pumpkins I carved with the church group : )

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