Thursday, October 14, 2010

Unwanted Clarity (or is it confusion?)

The sickening feeling
Creeping in my gut
Keeps my stomach reeling
Threatens to start again to cut

The unsettling fear
Reaches down deep
Yelling screams only I can hear
Threads of doubt start to seep

Hearing the warnings
Saying once done, will do again
This same feeling of forewarning
I only wish these feelings to not remain

But still they are peering out
I see the reflections from then
Flashing and creating from within me- doubt
In you- it consumes it starts to condemn

These thoughts start the dark haunting
when I thought things so clear
The pictures in my head seem to be flauting
Saying "Really you dolt, how much has he changed in a year?"

The circumstances resemble
The object so near the same
But Us is what I thought to be reassembled
Together we knew our mutual aim

So now I'll repress this "gut" feeling
Pass it off as my own insecurity
Pretend there's nothing that needs dealing
The perfect example of sweet maturity

But inside there is no denying
...That for now, the scary suspicion of the necessity for jealousy
has come creeping back to haunt my heart.

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