Sunday, November 28, 2010


A lot of times I use my blog as a tool to vent about things I don't want to rant about in person.  I'm sorry if it is a negative thing a lot of the time.  I figured with this holiday weekend of Thanksgiving, I would jot down a few of the things I'm thankful for.
First and foremost, I am grateful for Alex.  He is my best friend, my fiancee (oh yeah!  We're engaged!!), my support, my comfort.  He stands beside me in all of my decisions, but isn't afraid to say "hey, you're being dumb".  I love so many things about him, and I know I would be in a really bad place in my life if it weren't for him.

I am grateful for my family.  I didn't really get along with them when I actually lived here, but I am so glad our relationships have changed.  I love being around them, and as much as the three (mostly two of them) sometimes annoy the hell out of me, I love them all to death.  I really appreciate how much I am able to rely on my mom now days.  Like yesterday, I was getting really stressed out about something stupid, and she pretty much dropped everything to come help me.  She is extremely understanding and intelligent.  I love that I am able to talk to her now.

I am grateful for my other families as well.  Like my birth dad.  He is so amazing.  I love him so much.  He works so hard to provide for his family, and he always has time to give me a hug, or to help me get some of my boxes out of the garage.  He gives so so much to the world and to his family.  That and his incredible love are the two things I wish to do in my own life.

I am grateful for Alex's family.  I cannot believe how much they have just accepted me into their lives.  I love playing games and laughing with them.  They really are wonderful people.  I am so excited that I get to kind of be part of their family.  They are such awesome people.  Especially Alex's mom and sister.  His sister is pretty cool and we have great potential to be good friends.  She is pretty awesome.  I'm excited to have the type of relationship with a sister in law that I've always wanted.  Alex's mom- she is absolutely amazing.  She is kind, a great listener, pretends (haha) to be interested in my life, she's intelligent and loving.  Overall, she's just pretty much great.

Last but not least, I am so friggin grateful for my friends.  There are a few here at home that I love dearly and am so grateful for.  Brooke, for her kindness and jokes.  The incredible love and understanding.  Brittany, for always making me laugh.  Trish, for being the amazing her.  Megan, also for being amazing.
And then there are my friends in Price, who have made that town something to me.  Kelton, for the talks, the discussions, the jokes, the understanding, but most of all for the love and friendship he offers.  He is an amazing example to me, and has changed my life so incredibly for the better.  Troy, pretty much the same as Kelton.  Only extremly more anilitical, in a totally good way.  I can honestly say, the rest of my life has been irreversably changed for the better, because of him.  I value his opinion so highly.  The church group is this little group of people who come together from different faiths or no faiths, and we support and love each other.  I have this group of friends to be my sanctuary.  Its so interesting that I knew most of the people from this little group, and yet, were not friends with them last year.  This year, they have been so supportive, so loving, so freaking awesome, words cannot even describe.  They understand me on a level I don't even understand myself.  Jenna, who is the den mother and just loves all of us to pieces.  She is kind and open.  She is an amazing woman, who I am proud to know.  Henry, the man who is so talented, so intelligent.  He and I are certainly kindred spirits.  Scott & Sterling for their incredible love and acceptance of people.  Tadd, Mae, Stanton, Diana, amazing Heather, and TJ (who did I forget?) are all so wonderful.  I can't imagine this year at USU Eastern without each and every one of you.

I am thankful for so many things.  The material things like my car, my dorm, the little money I have in a bank, those things will go away someday.  I'll get in an accident, I'll move to a new apartment, I'll spend my money on a beautiful wedding.  But these people, these are the people whos love will stay with me, these people are the ones that need to be thanked more often.  So thank you, family, friends, and everyone who has touched my life.  You make the world for me.

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