Monday, February 14, 2011

Life to Date

Hi everyone!
I haven't posted in quite sometime, mostly because I have been really busy and when I do have time to write, I keep up with my wedding blog.  
This semester I'm taking crazy amounts of classes again, and tomorrow, I start stage managing for a professional theatre, which is scary and awesome.  The show is The Price, which to be honest, I am not a huge fan of.  Its only for a month though, so its not going to be too bad.
A week from today I start my other job which is going to be crazy with my time.  2 jobs, being station manager, and 21 credits.  Go me!  The one thing I really hope I make sure I can do is not completely neglect Alex.  He has a really hard time when I get super busy because I tend to take him for granted.  It is sort of a thing where he's not something that is in my face, so I don't schedule in time for him.  I sound really lame right now...but when I get busy I really do need to schedule time to talk to my fiance.
Its a nice feeling knowing that this is my last semester in this town.  I am excited to graduate. 
Alex and I decided to go to SUU, and we're waiting for our acceptance letters now.  I have no idea how long its going to take, but I am not super worried about either of us getting in.  I hope that we both get an academic scholarship, and at least me get a departmental...but I guess I really need to get on that and make it happen.
This past month we have been working on the station to boost our power from 1/4 watt to 500 watts. Which is just freaking awesome.  Its the difference between being able to only listen online to being able to listen in my car where ever I go in Price.   Finally a station that has music I like!  And, may I just say, it is totally awesome to be driving down the road and hear my voice in a liner!  It's great.  Oh, more on radio, I have decided to try to go into news broadcasting as my emphasis in radio.  One day I'd love to have my own station, but you have to make money some how, and I guess my love for news and politics, and my trained voice all make a nice little package for news.
This week I reconnected with an old friend... I have to admit I am a bit nervous and scared about the whole situation.  But I was surprised by how easily the conversation flowed and how much I remembered I really liked her.  Its an odd situation that I don't really know how to proceed with..but I suppose it will all work out. 
Well there you go blog readers...I posted :)  be happy.

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