Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day 8

What is in your purse?

Planner (of course)
Bactine for my belly button piercing
Duct Tape wallet (inside...lots of cards and no money)
Smell good spray :)  (Sweet Petals)
Business cards  (for the station)
HRC stickers  (waiting to go on my bumper)
Zune HD  (but no headphones...I'm a weirdo)
Spearmint Gum  (yummy)
Chapstick  ( kind ever)
Hair clip
Jump drive  (on that I have music from The Price and a presentation for my comm class)
Dramamine  (from the trip to Disneyland)
2 Pens
Keys  (car, house, station, post office, other house key, Wicked hat, Ariel chain)

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