Friday, June 17, 2011

Life gets me down sometimes

This week I just feel like everything is coming crashing down on me. 
I was balancing budget for the wedding and realized I had forgotten flowers.  Then I found out the dresses I had my bridesmaids order were the total wrong color.  Now I am trying really hard to get everything right with everything color related.  Basically changing colors a month from the wedding.  Today a really mean lady from Orem city called me telling me all these new rules for the place where we are doing our reception.  One of which is we can't have live band.  Which has been the plan all along.  We hired a jazz band to come and do our wedding.  It's just all frustrating and Alex is out of the town so I can't even bounce off him.  He has a way of putting everything in perspective.  Of course I am going to work everything wedding related out, its just a mess right now.  But I guess all that matters is if my Mr. Brown, Connie (our officiant), me, 2 other people and a little piece paper are present.  The day really is for Alex and I to join ourselves, and who cares if no one shows up or if my flowers or colors aren't just so?  I just need to keep that perspective in mind.  I'll still have an amazing photographer, an outside wedding, and 2 out of three is good, eh?
Today I also moved from Price to Orem for the last time.  I finished up school on Thursday (getting I think an A- in math!!).  Leaving all my friends was really particular Troy and Kelton.  Those two have had such an impact on my life.  I cannot believe we've only known each other for two years.  It seems weird to me that someone can be such a huge part of my life, and not have known them for very long at all.  I didn't ever cry today, but in Troy's office, and on the phone with Megan I sure got close.  I really just need a big hug from Alex.  I haven't hugged many people lately, even quick hugs with Troy and Kelton because I can feel the big lump in the back of my throat longing to be free and just sob all over them.  You know what is going to happen?  Some random person will hug me and I will just start crying.  haha.  I guess I have been staying busy so I don't have to think that I am not going back to all the people I have gotten so close to. 
Here in Orem, I have a few people I am still friends with, but honestly...there aren't many people I have kept in touch with.  Mainly Megan, Trish, Brooke and Brittany.  It was nice to see Kim at my shower though. 
I guess I am just in a slump today.  Moving is tough for me, really tough, even if I know it is coming.
I won't have much time to dwell on it though.  Kelton, Troy, and I (oh and a bunch of welders that listen to country...we all mutually ignore each other) are heading to Kansas City on Monday.  We'll be there for a week for the Skills USA National Championship competition.  Last year we placed first, and we are hoping to take home a second National championship in Radio/Audio Production.  We shall see. 

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