Sunday, January 1, 2012

Post 3: Your first love

Notice that I changed the title to "post" rather than "day."  I find I have trouble blogging everyday, so we'll just have to do it post by post.
Here we go.

Your first love
First off, awkward if he reads this.  Second, I was really young, and my definition of love has changed significantly since this time.

First love was Daniel.  He lived across the street from me for 5 years before this, and I always thought he was rude and weird.  He was 16 to my 13.  At church, we were doing a dance competition thing and he and I happened to be pared up.  Something about dancing makes connections spark I guess.   We began practicing in his backyard, until eventually he told me he loved me and we started dating.
I was flattered because this high school boy thought I was mature.  I had a bad relationship with my parents and this guy said he loved me.  The circumstances were just perfect for me to get into the really dysfunctional relationship.
We wrote notes to each other and left them in various parts of the neighborhood for each other to pick up.  We snuck out at night and made out and talked.  It really wasn't very healthy.  When I broke up with him it took him about two years to stop trying to get me to "go back" to him, and even then, he felt there was a supreme connection between us that I didn't feel.
Why I say he was my first love, is because he was the first one that I said I loved, and he was the first man I let take advantage of me because he said he loved me.
Like I said, my definition of love has changed significantly since that time, but it took a lot of personal growth to get to that place.

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