Monday, May 7, 2012

Alex and I are just about finished with this semester of school, and we're taking finals this upcoming week. 
This month has been busy with school projects and activities. 
For Alex's 3D Art class he had to build a marionette. He asked for my help in creating the pattern for the puppet we named Karl the Khaki Kiwi. The puppet was well received in his class, and it was a lot of fun creating the little guy together. We built the marionette after playing hookie one day to spend some quality time together. I find often times since we got married, we may be in the same room, but we're not really doing anything together or interacting since we're both doing homework or something. It was really nice to take a date day and focus on each other. 
Earlier this month I got to create, style and maintain several wigs and hairpieces for SUU's production of Little Women. It was a lot of work, but I through my wig class, and this experience, that I enjoy wig making. I guess there is little I don't like about theatre though. It's nice that I now have the skill to make wigs- a skill that not many people have. 
The second Saturday in April I participated in SUU's first intramural mock trial competition. I had never done anything like this before, but was excited to get the experience for my law school application. We had a little more than a week to prepare, which meant a lot of really late nights to work on our case. We got to compete twice, once for the prosecution and once for the defense. I got to be a witness in both trials. It was really awesome to work as a team (there were four of us) to try and figure out the best way to argue each case. All our hard work really paid off, since we won first place as a team (along with the cash prize that came with it!) and we all got some nice looking plaques. I also won an "excellent witness" award, which was pretty awesome (theatre and law coming together-sweet!). I made some pretty cool friends in the process, and we want to form a mock trial group again next year. Alex came to watch the proceedings and wants to join in on the fun next year as well, which is awesome. 
At the end of the month I took a very random trip to the East coast-for my first time. My boss at work was doing a presentation and book signing for his new book, and a few people from work decided to go. We got tickets from an awesome connection for $100 round trip, and Alex and I decided I really couldn't pass up the opportunity. We decided I should go less than 24 hours before the flight. Alex was awesome to stay home and host cousin Eddie while he was staying with us for his graduation. I got to fly into New York, and drove through Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Each day was crazy full, but I have always wanted to be in the area, so it was great. We stopped at a lot of colleges- including Harvard and Yale, which was awesome. It was good to look at some the colleges on the east coast, since I will be applying to several of them for law school. 
This summer Alex will be working in Orem at the job he had before we got married, which is nice for him, because it's a really good place to work. I am hoping to get an internship at the Orem Adobe office, but the plan right now is I will be staying in Cedar City for the summer, working and going to school so I can graduate early. 
Hope all is well for you! 

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