Friday, August 31, 2012


Well, the first week of the Fall 2012 school year is over.  It was a difficult week, but I have more time to do homework than I expected.  The biggest challenge I have found so far is changing my schedule around to be more prepared for an early morning type of life.  I really enjoy staying up late, waking up late and taking a nap. That's not really a good idea right now, but I am having trouble.  For example, I really should pack a lunch at night instead of just grabbing a yogurt in the morning.  I really should go to bed by 10 if I want to not be stressed and sleepy in the morning, but I am having trouble adjusting to those two, specifically.
This semester I am taking:  Legal Research and Writing, Broadcast Management, Intro to Law, Comm Theory, Constitutional Law, Media Law, Public Administration and Horsemanship.  Lots of law classes, so I'm a little worried, but that's okay.
I have some good news.  I applied for a scholarship from Snell & Wilmer for an LSAT prep course, and I was chosen to receive the award.  They are paying for any prep course I want to take (around $1000), as well as paying for my registration for the LSAT ($350).  I am so excited, and am really grateful that I received the award.  I feel like it's really giving me a chance to do well on the LSAT.  If I get a good score, I can get into a good school, which is the goal :).
I had a big presentation at work this month too.  I was really nervous, but it went okay, everything considered 
This month I have had a lot of house guests.  Josh and Audrey moved to Ohio, so they came to stay at my house before they left.  Some buddies that live in town came over to hang out with them, and that was nice too.  We got to see a couple shows at the Shakespeare Festival, which was awesome.
The next week my really really good friends Troy and Kelton came to see me.  It is always awesome to see them, and they are the type of friends that we can get back together at anytime and just start where we left off.  It was great to talk to them.  Troy convinced Kelton and I go hiking.  That's pretty odd for Kelton and I, but we went along anyway.  Troy used to be a ranger at Cedar Breaks so it was cool to hear him talk about his experiences and the land he knows so well.  I loved the hike we went on, and I want to go again soon.  It was lightly raining so it wasn't even too hot.  I think one of my favorite parts of the hike was that Troy knew what plants we could eat, so I got to have treats as I walked on the trail.
The next day we drove through Zion National Park, so that was fun too.  Not as fun as the day before, but it was nice to drive through the pretty area that I had never seen before.
We also saw a show together at the festival and laughed our heads off.
I really can't describe the awesomeness of my relationship with these guys.  They provide great insight, discussions, love, friendship and more.  We have really good dynamics as far as our beliefs as well.  We have different beliefs on religion, politics, relationships, that sort of thing- but it just adds depth, not (usually) conflict.  Anyway, I am glad they came and I can't wait to see them again.
Alex's birthday was also this month.   I really am glad that he was born.  I am lucky to have such an amazing man in my life.  I wish that we could be together more often, but I am glad he is willing to sacrifice for us so we can live the life we want.  Alex is such a solid force in my life.  He is stable and supportive, and I really love that about him.  He is kind and understanding, even when I am not rational.  He is intelligent and I can discuss intellectual content with him.  I really am glad that I have a man that I can talk to.  I can't imagine how boring our relationship would be if we weren't able to communicate.  I know that sounds weird, but that's okay.
Anyway, point is, I am glad he was born.

Life is good.  Life will be even better in 4 months when I go live in Greece.  Yeah, I've got pretty cool things going on.

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  1. cool stuff man. life is good. I'm glad you were born too.