Friday, October 19, 2012

Not much to blog about

I said I would blog more, but I haven't really had much to blog about.  My life is pretty much the same.

Here's some stuff that have gone on since my last post:

  • I did poorly on midterms.
  • My cat is getting fixed today :'(
  • I haven't seen Alex in a few weeks.
  • I did get to go to Las Vegas to spend the night with Alex when he had a show down there.
  • I went to a Law School fair at University of Utah, which made me question my career choices (ugh!)
  • I bought a pair of shoes for Greece that will let me walk around the countryside without getting blisters (yay!)
  • I bought my first fancy coat- a pea coat, also for Greece
  • My sister came to see me for like 12 hours.
  • I got to see my dear friend and former teacher, Al.
  • I got to stop by my parent's house to give hugs on the way back to Cedar City from the Law Fair.
  • I got my first social media client outside of my current job.
  • I hiked Emerald Pools at Zion's.
  • I started making my Halloween costume.
  • I miss my husband and my family.

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