Monday, October 22, 2012


This article has a lot of reference to LDS voting statistics, but the really interesting part is the statistics about the amount of people in Utah that don't vote.
Fellow U
tahans, get to the polls! We can't be in the bottom of the nation in voting numbers again! That's just ridiculous! For a state that loves its freedoms so dang much, you've got to put your actions behind your words and go live the democratic life! 
For Republicans, be happy, your state and representatives support you, so go vote to support them. For Democrats, so what if you don't feel represented? It doesn't matter if your vote doesn't count, go do your dang civic duty and voice your opinion. For the independents, the Libertarians, the fence sitters, the undecided, regardless of how large or small your percentage of the population is, your voice can not be heard by posting on Facebook or by fuming to your friends. VOTE! YAY! WE GET TO VOTE! I'm voting, are you? (Today is the last day to register to vote online or in person at your County Clerk's. You can register online here:

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