Monday, October 22, 2012

Why I Support Obama

Someone asked why I support Obama, and this is what I told them.

I support Obama because I feel that he took us through the toughest time economically since the Great Depression.  He did not create this economic status, but he carried America through, making tough decisions to keep us afloat.  I think the situation could have been much worse if we did not have a president that made the decisions he did.  He saved the auto industry, which in turn, added jobs (those loans were paid back before the deadline); he pushed the “Made in America” campaign which added jobs in manufacturing and eliminated tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas.
I support Obama because he said he would reform healthcare, and he did.  I don’t feel the bill is perfect, but I do feel that reform was needed, and this bill is creating a healthcare system that I feel is so much better.  I felt that the current system just isn’t working.  I have family members that couldn’t get on insurance (or had to pay exorbitant rates) because of pre-existing conditions.  For the sake of full disclosure, I don’t have health insurance right now, but with Obama’s healthcare reform, I can get on my parent’s insurance if I choose.  I support Obama because he is strengthening Medicare, which helps people who can’t get insurance elsewhere.  I support Obama because he is trying to make it so that oral contraceptives are covered by all insurances.  I think this is incredibly important, as I feel there is a big problem of overpopulation, and people having child after child with no way to care for the children.  I hope that making birth control even more available, it will help these issues.  I support Obama because he supports my right to choose what to do with my body, and realizes that issues like abortion are personal decisions.
I support Obama because he helped me go to college.  He doubled the funds for Pell Grants and lowered federal interest rates from doubling.  This means that later I can give back to society without being weighed down by student loans.  I will make career choices that will make me happy, and be able to pursue the American Dream because I don’t have to be scared that I have debt looming over me my whole life.  I support Obama because he has been trying remedy the harmful restrictions from No Child Left Behind.  I have family members who are teachers who have lost the love of teaching because of the need to get high test scores rather than to really educate children.  I feel that with what Obama is working toward will remedy that.
I support Obama because he is working toward cleaner energy.  I think he sees that we can’t rely on nonrenewable resources for forever, and is working toward a better future for not only me, but my children and grandchildren.
I support Obama because he supports civil rights for the LGBT community.  He repealed DADT, which was harmful and discriminatory.  He believes LGBT individuals should be able to live in their communities without fear of hate crimes, discrimination, or bullying.  It is important to me that the LGBT community is able to have the same rights I have- to work in any field, to live peacefully in my community, and to get married to the one I chose.
I support Obama because he has done amazing things in our foreign relations.  He said he would end the war in Iraq, and he did.  He is drawing our troops out of Afghanistan, and has made great progress on the war on terror.  The leader of al Qaeda is dead because of our president’s actions.  That is something I can get behind.  I support Obama because he had put his actions behind his words regarding nuclear weapons.  He said, “hey world!  Let’s not do this whole threatening each other with nuclear weapons thing!  None of us really need them, so let’s all make an effort to start marching toward the end goal of getting rid of them!” and then he acted- he reduced our nuclear weapons.  Yes, we still have more than any other country, but Obama made a show of good faith and started reducing ours.  That is something I respect about him so much.  The biggest reason I support Obama in foreign affairs is because he has not approached the world with an “America is better than you” attitude, but from an attitude of mutual respect.  As part of my major, I have taken several classes on intercultural communication, and I feel Obama is really making an effort to have a healthy intercultural exchange with the world.  He is strengthening our bonds with our allies and improving relations with countries that we have not been as friendly with before.  Obama was criticized for bowing to a foreign dignitary at a meeting- I take the opposite view that that this was an ultimate show of his respect for other cultures, which I feel is essential for healthy global relations.
These are a few of the core reasons why I support Obama, and I am choosing to vote to give him four more years in office.

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