Sunday, November 11, 2012

Halloween, Cat fixin's, and service project

Hi there!
Life continues as usual.

This month, stuff was pretty much the same with Alex.  He travels like a crazy person, and basically only sees the inside of ballrooms, which sucks for him.  He got to fly to New York, Seattle, Toronto and a few other places this month.  He was supposed to be flying into Boston for a show during Sandy; thankfully as they were boarding, they got a call from the boss that they didn't have to go.  I was really happy about that.
Maimou, our darling cat, got fixed a few weeks ago.  I was really freaked out, because I love her and don't want her to be in pain.  She tore some stitches a few days in (it looked really scary), and so she had to get a cone and go on anti-biotics.  I was a mess, she was so pathetic looking and seemed so sad.  I have no idea what it will be like if I ever have kids and they get hurt, because I realize Maimou is just an animal, and I was really upset.  I felt really alone, since it happened to be in a time that Alex couldn't visit and Alycia (my Cedar City best friend) was out of town.  I didn't want Maimou jumping on the bed and ripping anymore stitches, and I didn't want to make her sleep alone and close the bedroom door; so I decided it would be best if we both slept in the front room for the 2 weeks.  My couch is super comfy, as far as couches go, for sleeping on one night, 2 weeks, not so much.  Also, Maimou seemed to think she got to wake me up a lot more in the night because I was on the couch.  She would come shove her cone in my face and wake me about 5 times a night.  Needless to say, I wasn't getting much sleep.
I had midterms right around that same time, and I did the worst I have ever done on midterms.  I'm not sure if it was a lack of sleep, interest, studying, or just senioritis.  I still will pass all my classes in the B to A range, but my midterm scores have been pretty dismal this year, which makes me disappointed in myself.
I am taking a horsemanship class this semester.  I thought I was taking it as a fun class, but it turns out it is a lot of hard work.  I apparently was terrified of horses.  I am getting better, but in the first month of class, I cried 3 or 4 times on the back of the horse.  I was pretty scared, especially when I felt out of control.  I usually am in control of all things, and it was hard when the horse was like "hey, I'm bigger than you and I'm going to just go over here now and you can't do anything about it, so ha!"  I've gotten so much better, and even enjoy it.  I have been able to mount by myself and have learned to trot.  Last class period we even loped! It was super awesome.  Loping feels like what I imagine a unicorn jumping around on a rainbow looks like.
For Halloween, I made a really awesome Steampunk costume.  I had a lot of the fabric in my stock, so it wasn't super pricey either.  For my jewelry I took apart a few clocks and glued the gears to old handles from dressers to make a broach and a pendant.  I also made an earring from a gear, and a hair piece from the hands on a few clocks.  I went to an antique store and bought old keys and made earrings and a necklace.  On my costume I added a couple of gears, and hanging my skirt I had a jingly thing made from odd and end gears, keys and hands.
My skirt was reminiscent of Victorian styling, with a bustle, but I made it shorter and pulled up the outer skirt to show a red skirt underneath.  I didn't have a dress form, and since I wasn't using a pattern for the skirts, I used my bar stool to help me shape the dress bustle.  For the top, I made a peasant blouse (which I have been wanting to do FOREVER).  I added to the top more than was needed for the costume, so I can use it for other costumes if I want.  I also made a corset, and I used cheap clasps and boning, which I now regret.  Oops.  I looked pretty dang cool.  I wish Alex had gotten to see me in my costume.
Maimou was an alien for Halloween.  She had her cone on, so I added tinfoil antenna, and she looked adorable.
Alex sent me a picture of him in his work clothes and said that he was a lumberjack.  I sure do love my lumberjack.
Obama won. I was happy for that.  On election day, I volunteered to do the exit poll surveys.  It was a VERY long day, but a great experience.
At school, I am the VP for the Legal Studies Student Association- part of my duties is to organize the service project.  The club voted to take on a project that I was working on for an Experiential project for another class.  I was working on duffel bags for kids in foster care.  A couple other clubs on campus heard what we are doing, and wanted to join in, so now I'm in charge of this project for 3 clubs.  It's pretty stressful, as I don't have very many people to delegate to, but it is a worthy cause.  Not everyone in the clubs sew, so we are typing blankets as well.  My goal (which I have bought all the materials for) is to make 50 bags and 20 blankets.  I like giving back.


  1. nice recap, super jealous of the creativity with the costumes. cool service project idea. When I was resident of the Criminal Justice Association at my college, all I could ever think to do was blood drives for injured officers.

  2. Thanks Pete! I don't have a lot of time, but when my brain gets to the point that I can't do school anymore, I like to do creative things- it rejuvenates me. Oh! A blood drive is a good idea too.