Wednesday, June 17, 2015


"Military Veterans Bring High Self-Efficacy to MBA Programs
Ryan McDermott, a second-year student at Darden [the University of Virginia's School of Business], led a combat mission down the most dangerous road in Baghdad, fought four battles, and wrote a plan for training and deploying 3,600 soldiers, all by the age of 26. Summer Jones, a former naval officer, by 26 had launched Tomahawk missiles off a ship in the Persian Gulf, commanded 200 sailors, and delivered the news of September 11 Pentagon casualties to their families. When her Georgetown University evening MBA classmates wonder how the 32-year-old maintains a full-time job, raises two children, supports her husband in law school, and earns her MBA at the same time, she tells them: “When you've been in a wartime environment, you step back and say, ‘This is easy.'” As if to prove it, she gave birth to her second son just after the first week of the MBA program without missing a day of class." --Organizational Behavior by Kreitner, 10e

I feel I have high self-efficacy, in that, I believe, at my core I will succeed.  I know when I set my mind to something, I will succeed.  Do I get scared of failure?  Of course!  But I know I have a will to accomplish things...and though I may not know how I will accomplish something, I know I can and will.  I pound my goals with sheer will power.  I related, in a sense, to this excerpt from my textbook.  People ask me how I do some of the things I do, particularly with school- but really, I feel like going to school is my reward.  It's my reward from escaping abusive homes and family situations.  It's my reward for living through my teen years.  It's my reward for my goals of unlocking success in my future.  School has long been my rock, my stabilizer.  I love it.  
I like taking my willpower with me in life to accomplish my goals.  With some of the tough experiences I have been through, I know that regardless of what life throws at me, I've been through worse.  I've overcome harder things.  I've made tougher things into positives.  

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